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Foton FLB468 backhoe loader


Performance parameter 

Operating weight, kg 8200
Standard bucket capacity, m3 1
Rated load, kg 1700
Maximum traction force, kN 58
Maximum creeping capacity 30
Maximum dumping height, mm 2665
Dumping reach, mm 788
Rated bucket capacity, m3 0.3
Maximum dumping height, mm 3450
Maximum digging depth, mm 4225
Maximum digging reach, mm 5310
Outer size (L×W×H), mm 7300×2320×351


Model Tianjin Perkins: 1004-4TEL04 (can be replaced with UK Perkins, Weichai Diesel,  DEUTZ)
Type Vertical in-line, four-cylinder, water-cooling, four-stroke, vertical-spray
Number of Cylinders-cylinder diameter× stroke, mm 4-100×127
Maximum torque, Nm 370
Rated power, kW 68.5
Rated speed, rpm 2190

Transmission system 

Torque converter type CARRARO Single-level, single direction and double-variable
Gearbox type CARRARO Hydraulic gear-shift double variable
Gear Forward IV,  reverse IV
Gear I forward, km/h 5.8
Gear II forward, km/h 10.5
Gear III forward, km/h 20.1
Gear VI forward, km/h 36
Gear I Reverse, km/h 5.8
Gear II Reverse, km/h 10.5
Gear III Reverse, km/h 20.1
Gear VI Reverse, km/h 36
Specification of front tyre 14-17.5-14PR
Specification of rear tyre 19.5L-24-12PR
Pressure of front wheel, MPa 0.55
Pressure of rear wheel, MPa 0.23

Steering system 

Type Full-hydraulic steering
Turning angle, ° 45
Minimum turning radius, mm 4370

Hydraulic system 

System work pressure, MPa 21
Raising time, s 4.1
Total time, s 8.5

Brake system 

Operating brake Wet brake
Parking brake Flexible shaft wet brake

Fuel-filling capacity 

Fuel tank, L 130
Hydraulic tank, L 180