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INVITATION TO CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY EXHIBITION BICES 2009    Our company XLHJ Group Limited is located in China, and incorporates several companies dealing with export of construction machinery, equipment and building materials.
    Nowadays XLHJ Group Limited is the official and authorized representative of many Chinese manufacturers. Due to business relations with different factories in China, our range of offers is very wide and includes almost all types of products for construction, including building materials.

   And now you have a great chance to visit the 10th Beijing International Construction Machinery Exhibition and Seminar on November, 3rd - BICES 2009!

Biggest bauma China ever in Shanghai

113 000 visitors,  210 000 square metres of exhibition space, 1 608 exhibitors from 30 countriesShnaghai Bauma 2008 Expo

bauma Shanghai 2008 Expobauma Shanghai 2008 Expo

We have much to offer you!

We are sure, that the beginning of our cooperation should start with your coming to our office in Beijing!

Set of construction machinery replicas for your office

Set of construction machinery replicas include 8 models by 6 largest Chinese construction machinery manufacturers. All the main units are movable (rotating and turning wheels, moving-out and bending boom, moving-out jac pads, spinning boom tower, opening doors and hood, telescoping boom and mooving-out fly jib, tilting cab, etc.), so the replicas imitate all the main functions of the original machines.


The set of construction machinery replicas includes the following items:

1. SANY truck-mounted concrete pump