YUCHAI YC35-7 crawler hydraulic excavator

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YUCHAI YC35-7 crawler hydraulic excavator


Parameter Units Value
Machine weight kg 3800
Bucket volume capacity 0.12
Engine   Cummins A2300
Rated power kW/r.p.m. 32 / 2200
Overall length (transport position) mm 5250
Overall height (transport position) mm 2470
Width of undercarriage mm 1518
Width of track mm 300 (Rubber / Steel)
Maximum platform tail turning tadius mm 1510
Length of track mm 2100
Sprocket to idler centres mm 1620
Distance between undercarriage and ground mm 320
Distance between boom and ground mm 1690
Width of platform mm 1494
Distance between hood and ground mm 1385
Distance between platform and ground mm 546
Outer width of bucket mm 608
Travel speed (Low / High) km/h 2.4 / 4.3
Swing speed of platform r.p.m. 11.5
Swing angularity of the digging arm (Left / Right) °  80 / 50
Maximum digging height mm 5195
Maximum dumping height mm 3615
Maximum digging depth mm 3565
Maximum digging radius mm 5625
Maximum digging distance of ground mm 5520
Maximum height digging radius mm 3265
Minimum platform tail turning radius mm 2000
Maximum depth for bulldozing mm 460
Maximum height for bulldozing mm 210
Maximum digging force kN 22.2


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