SHANGHAI PENGPU PD320Y-1 crawler bulldozer

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SHANGHAI PENGPU PD320Y-1 crawler bulldozer


Technical characteristics of SHANGHAI PENGPU PD320Y-1 crawler bulldozer

Model Cummins NT855-C360
Type Four-stroke, turbocharged, aftercooled
Flywheel power, kW
Rated speed, r/min
Number of cylinders - bore x stroke, mm 6-ø139.7 x 152.4
Starting method
Electric starting 24V,  11kW
Battery 24V (12V x 2), 195 AH
Air cleaner
Dry horizontal type with precleaner
Transmission system
Torque converter 3-element, single-stage, single-phase
Transmission Planetary gear, hydraulic actuated,  multiple-disc clutch, forced lubrication by gear pump, 3 forward and 3 reverse speeds
Bevel gear Helical bevel gear, splash lubricated
Steering clutch
Wet, multiple-disc clutch, spring loaded, hydraulically released
Steering brake Wet, band brake, operated with hydraulic booster
Final drive
Spur gear, double reduction, splash lubricated
Travel speed, km/h
• 1st 3.6
• 2nd 6.6
• 3rd 11.5
• 1st 4.4
• 2nd 7.8
• 3rd 13.5
Under carriage
Sprocket Segmented
Track tension Hydraulic-adjusted
Number of track shoes, each side 7 (5 single, 2 double)
* Floating seals are used in all track rollers, carrier rollers, sprocket and front idlers
Type Sealed single grouse
Track pitch, mm 228.6
Track width, mm 560
Number of track shoes, each side 41
Lenghth of track on ground, mm
Ground clearance, mm
Track gauge, mm
Ground pressure, MPa
 Hydraulic system of work equipment
Working pressure, MPa
Rated flow (at 1800 r/min), L/min 335
Pump CBZ4200 gear pump
Control valve Hydraulic-operated, plunger, servo controlling
Valve position
Raise, hold, lower, float
Cylinder, Bore x Rod x Stroke, mm ø140 x ø75 x 1340
Work equipment
Blade type Semi-U blade
Angle blade                          
Dimensions, Length x Width x Height, mm 6880 x 4130 x 3640 6880 x 4850 x 3640
Weight, kg
Blade dimensions, Width x Height, mm 4130 x 1590 4850 x 1140
Max. lift above ground, mm
Max. drop below ground, mm
Pitch adjustment, ° 55±2
Max. tilt, mm 1000  
Type 1 shank
Max. dig below ground, mm 1250
Max. lift above ground, mm


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